Stroke Awareness eLearning Module

Fully endorsed by the St John’s Ambulance paramedic services, this app focuses on early diagnosis and identification of the correct type of stroke someone may be having.

The brief

In 2020, the Stroke Association launched a drive to assist healthcare professionals in identifying when someone is having a stroke as well as the type of stroke. The client had a strong partnership with St John’s Ambulance and a mountain of compelling content, but they needed a web application that would bring the right information to the right people, when they need it most. When faced with a rich source of information and a great cause, we embraced the opportunity to create something fantastic that could go on to save lives.


The action

Taking "think outside of healthcare" to heart


As the content was non-promotional, we were able to forgo some of the usual constraints that apply when producing these kinds of materials. However, as with all healthcare client requests, the finished article needed to adhere to strict IT and compliance governing standards.

We started by sifting through that mountain of content and, in conjunction with an external content partner, created a roadmap for the new web application.

The first module had a visual “show and tell” style with quiz elements guiding the user through five chapters. Our gurus have expertise in a range of UI (user interface) techniques, such as drag and drop and image hot spots allowing users to access more in-depth information. Using a range of techniques helps to keep the user experience fresh and engaging, no matter how serious the topic; it also helps to make the content more memorable.

The second module was an interactive video-based module with four potential scenarios. Video sequences were spliced together to create different outcomes based on the user's answers. By having the learning and video materials integrated into one designated space, and with the help of visual cues, we were able to produce the most immersive experience possible in a limited timeframe.

The learning experience was completed with an app rating and a downloadable certificate of achievement.

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