Enhancing the user experience for a thrombosis resource and community website

Project overview

Thrombosis Resource and Community Site is a leading online platform for healthcare professionals, providing up-to-date information on thrombosis, anticoagulation, and related topics. The website aims to support healthcare professionals in making informed decisions for the management of patients at risk of thrombosis. To ensure the site is as user-friendly and informative as possible, our team at Volume Up Digital was tasked with improving the user experience (UX) for the Thrombosis Resource and Community Site.

The challenge

The thrombosis resource and community website contained a wealth of information but was not optimised for user experience, making it challenging for healthcare professionals to find relevant information quickly and efficiently. The site's overall design and organization needed improvements to enhance usability, accessibility, and user satisfaction.


Our solution

Our team at Volume Up Digital conducted a comprehensive UX audit of the website to identify areas for improvement. The process involved:

1. User research

We began by conducting user research to understand the needs, motivations, and pain points of the website's target audience - healthcare professionals. This included interviews, surveys, and analysing user behaviour data.

2. Information architecture

Based on our user research findings, we restructured the information architecture of the website, ensuring that the content was organised logically and intuitively for users to navigate.

3. Content optimisation

We analysed the website's content and made recommendations for optimising it based on the user's needs. This included simplifying complex information, removing redundant or outdated content, and incorporating multimedia elements to enhance user engagement.

4. Design improvements

We worked closely with the thrombosis team to implement design improvements that prioritised usability and accessibility. This involved optimising the site for various devices, improving typography and layout, and enhancing the site's overall visual appeal.

5. User testing

Throughout the redesign process, we conducted ongoing user testing to gather feedback and ensure the new design met the needs of the target audience. This iterative process allowed us to make necessary adjustments and fine-tune the final design.

The impact

By focusing on user experience, Volume Up Digital successfully transformed the thrombosis resource and community website into an intuitive, engaging, and informative resource for healthcare professionals. The project demonstrates the importance of understanding users' needs and preferences when designing and optimising a website, ultimately resulting in a more effective online platform.

Increased user engagement

Users spent more time on the site and were more likely to interact with the content, as evidenced by lower bounce rates and increased average session duration.

Improved content discoverability

The restructured information architecture and optimised content led to users finding relevant information faster and more efficiently.

Higher user satisfaction

Feedback from healthcare professionals indicated that the redesigned website was more user-friendly, visually appealing, and easier to navigate, resulting in an overall increase in user satisfaction.

Enhanced accessibility

The updated design adhered to accessibility guidelines, ensuring that the website could be accessed and utilised by users with various abilities and across all types of devices.

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