Veeva Vault marketing materials

Project overview

Creating marketing materials to the strictest regulatory standards. Our pragmatic design principles ensured that our solutions are learnable, secure, efficient and aligned with the business for optimal impact.

The brief

The client wanted to know how they, as a company, could empower their marketing teams to quickly and compliantly author email communications for sales teams to distribute to their customers. But they didn’t want to stop there: they wanted to know how this could be managed at a national level and international level. Via an ongoing collaboration with Veeva, our solution enables the client to bring outstanding digital communication systems to the industry.

When addressing the rising preference for marketers to be more hands-on in the creation of their materials and become less reliant on external creative agencies, we needed to take into account that any new system would need to be compatible with the industry's preferred CRM platform, Salesforce, and its Pharma offering, Veeva.


The action

Via a unique mix of technical and operational solutions, we streamlined the process of creating and uploading the client’s marketing materials to Veeva Vault, while complying with their strict regulatory standards.


The challenge – as with any significant business change - was ensuring the new process was robust enough to handle the current and future levels of marketing activity while remaining simple enough to be used by someone without technical know-how.

To create a comprehensive communication platform, we first consulted with team leads to collate a cohesive collection of brand assets (e.g. content, headers, footers, and graphics) that could be exchanged dynamically depending on the type of communication sent.

Once created, these Master documents served as governance (once a footer had been signed off, it can no longer be changed) as well as the overall framework for how the communications system would work; once a version is superseded by a new version, updates will take place to maintain the integrity of the communications.

The impact

Discovering a new world of digital excellence.

Emails sent

Materials created


Customer satisfaction


Veeva integrations bring a host of benefits:

  • Extend application features
  • Integrate business processes and data
  • Simplify user interactions
  • Enforce data integrity

Our goal for this project has been achieved: marketing teams now can author email communications quickly without the risk of compromising compliance. Sales teams have the right materials at their disposal ready to distribute to their customers at any given moment of the communication funnel- and resource-draining bottlenecks have been removed.

The technical capabilities, such as sophisticated document handling and advanced metadata search functionality, significantly increase productivity and ease of use, which is why integrations of this scale are crucial for any business working with Veeva Promomats.

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