Revitalising blood-thinning medication brands' digital presence

Project overview

Via the proven engagement model (discover > deliver > impact), Volume Up Digital identified the root cause of a continuous downtrend in performance and created a revised strategy to reverse that trend and create strong new foundations for growth.

The challenge

Despite a wealth of content, this brand's site was not receiving appropriate levels of traffic; it relied heavily on paid campaigns, with the majority of organic traffic going to the US equivalent site. Following the site’s rebuild and relaunch in 2020, the UK website experienced a continuous fall in visits, which impacted the brand’s digital performance.


Identifying contributing factors

The initial Discovery, which involved a performance review and technical audit, attributed the reduction in traffic to several factors, with a lack of search engine traffic causing the biggest loss of visits.

No global domain strategy

US domain outranking UK

Ineffective SEO strategy

Technical website issues

Website speed issues

Low content value proposition

Basic content optimisation

No focus on content engagement

Lack of test and learn strategy

No clear roadmap for growth


Recognising the core problem

All the contributing factors can be related to the absence of a cohesive global domain strategy. This lack of global domain strategy and, consequently, alignment across the global domains, had a significant detrimental impact on performance. As a result, the US equivalent website was far outranking the UK site for searches within the UK.

The action

1. The plan

Create roadmap

Devise global domain strategy

Revise SEO strategy

2. Technical fixes

Resolve technical issues

Implement global domain tags

Improve page speed scores

4. Optimisation cycle

Roll out test and learn strategy

Implement iterative improvements

Showcase results, improve collaborations

3. Content engagement

Create content engagement strategy

Create content - adhering to guidelines

Optimise all content for digital

The impact

Combined the activity resulted in a significant increase in visits, increased engagement and an improved overall value proposition of the website for healthcare professionals.


*traffic increase from January 2021 (114 visits) to July 2021 (517 visits)


* increase in digital engagement


A significant increase in visits was achieved by ‘fixing’ the organic listing for the brand name (now position 1) whilst increasing positioning for other key search phrases:

  • [brand name]: 3rd (previously not on page 1
  • [indication]: 1st (previously not on page 1)
  • [brand + ingredient name]: 2nd (previously in position 9)

Screenshot of UK domain ranking on the top searched branded query, previously occupied by the US patient website.

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