Smart Healthcare Insights

SH-Insights integrates with a wide selection of tools, consolidating business-ready data into a single source while leveraging deep insights to uncover real opportunities.

The brief

Marketing is fundamental to a business’s success. It drives all processes to attract and retain customers and build a business’s brands. The data generated across marketing & commerce operations, CRM, analytics, customer service and research activities is often fragmented; in an increasingly complex market, analysing this data in the right way is vital to optimise results.


Internal teams spend many hours every month collating data and metrics for reporting purposes. This repetitive task limits time and effort being put into the insights meaning a number of actionable opportunities are being missed.

There is no single solution which offers clear, customised reporting dashboards while addressing some of the key marketing challenges faced within the healthcare industry:

  • Lack of internal knowledge on what data and sources can be analysed
  • Naming conventions of metrics across sources e.g. Adobe Analytics Visits vs Google Analytics Sessions vs Google Search Console Clicks
  • Misunderstanding of data and metrics
  • Manual extraction of data from multiple sources
  • Concerns over compliance
  • Inability to consolidate data sources
  • Inability to normalise metrics from multiple data sources
  • Concerns over GDPR - data processing and handling

The action

Utilise your data to its full potential


SH-Insights provides easy, granular, tailored, and automated access to that data and eliminates the need for manual intervention. It tackles complex scenarios on a regular basis to give businesses a head start in their journey towards truly understanding data across all channels.

Smart analytics

Instead of manually digging through data from individual sources, SH-Insights supercharges a business’s efforts by allowing it to easily digestible access to all of its data in a single dashboard. By utilising a mix of advanced statistical methods and machine learning augments, it automatically uncovers patterns in data and converts them to actionable insights.

Smart insights

Smart Healthcare Insights creates transparency across departments and organisations by allowing all KPI management within one centralised platform built to solve the business’s marketing challenges of today and tomorrow.

By using the power of visual analytics within the interactive dashboards, businesses can create cross-channel insights accompanied with the best measures to optimise their results.

Smart experience

SHI-Insights differentiates itself by having extensive marketing knowledge and an established background within the healthcare industry. The dashboards are configured once stakeholder workshops have been conducted; KPIs are defined with input from key stakeholders and the digital expertise of Volume Up Digital.

The impact

Integration with existing tools, feeding rich business-ready data to any data destination, for the entire business to use.


Laborious data retrieval and analysis tasks are removed, empowering healthcare businesses to improve on business objectives whilst increase team productivity.

Team members across the business benefit as marketing teams are able to access meaningful data 24/7 and business and brand managers can measure the impact of the investment on digital campaigns.

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