Medical Tourism

Connecting Healthcare providers and Patients no matter where they are in the World.

Catering to your patients needs

Simply driving patients through the door is not enough. Patient support and satisfaction are key to building reputation and loyalty.

Successful medical tourism marketing is dependent on effectively reaching your target markets. You must educate and convince potential customers that your hospitals, doctors and dentists are:

  • Safe, highly trained and fully accredited
  • Among the most modern and advanced medical professionals in the world
  • Readily available for much less than the same services in their home country

No matter how big your hospital is or how many specialists you may have, if you fail to create and communicate your unique value proposition, you will fail in medical tourism.

Medical Tourism services

Driving success through the patient marketing funnel (awareness > consideration > conversions > retention).


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Stakeholder Workshop
Market Research
Performance Review
Sector Benchmarking
Channel Purpose & Goal
Digital Plan & Roadmap


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UX Research
Web Design
Website Development
CRM Set-up
Platform Integrations
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Content Creation
Digital Imagery


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Marketing Strategy
Paid Advertising
Social Media
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Reputation Management


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Lead Generation/Management Team
Patient CRM Set-up
Patient Lead Management Flow
Patient Support

Delivering your digital needs

Our deep understanding of the industry, the medical sectors and patient needs allow us to make data-driven decisions on which activities will drive the best impact for our clients. We ensure medical practices keep sight of the business vision and goals at every stage whilst driving patient volumes.

We've worked with numerous healthcare providers across continents offering overseas patients various treatments including; fertility, dental, weight loss, cancer treatment, cosmetic surgeries, and general surgery.

After creating robust digital plans, we execute the entire strategy from website development, marketing and patient management. By effectively reaching the targeted overseas audience with tailored messages, our carefully implemented digital activities drive significant uplift in revenue within a 12-month period.

Our skilled team work together to provide the right solution to suit your needs. With decades of experience across medical procedures, our clients are guaranteed innovative, ambitious services with unrivalled results. If you want to join the digital revolution, get in touch.

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