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Transforming healthcare communications.

The accelerated shift to digital

The global pandemic has vastly accelerated how we communicate and how businesses operate.

Day to day interactions with mobile, social, and digital technologies have changed people’s digital expectations. Healthcare providers and patients expect real-time availability of information which is, where possible, relevant and personalised to their individual needs.

As a result, digital content formats have become the key element in the overarching communication strategy for healthcare businesses. Our experts’ industry-compliant digital credentials will help you to capitalise on this demand.

Our solutions

Helping you meet the needs of your customers and patients.

Our team of experts is fully versed in ABPI and IPHA guidance, enabling them to work with your internal SOPs and processes to drive success.

Reinventing digital healthcare - compliantly

Our perfect cocktail of healthcare compliance knowledge, creative digital marketing and technical expertise enables us to provide global healthcare businesses with a complete end to end solution to meet their digital communication needs.

We provide a way of uploading and accessing vital content in an array of digital formats across a range of platforms, without requiring in-depth technical knowledge or time-consuming processes, and without compromising the industry’s strict compliance requirements.

How we do it: end-to-end content management
Global pharmaceutical businesses have a complex setup made up of multiple brand teams, a multitude of content requirements, and the desire to present on a range of digital formats including web, mobile, CLM, and email.

We remove obstacles and build a robust technology framework that is fully integrated within your ecosystems to manage compliance. We then work with internal teams to train and support the creation of content using this refined process and technology stack.

Thanks to an underlying structure of compliance management, this approach to streamlining content management enables medical brand teams to adopt new digital content formats quickly. This improved flow in operations significantly impacts communication strategies.


Delivering your digital needs

We deliver projects for healthcare businesses around the world. Our experience ranges from the design and build of beautifully crafted medical websites to the creation of customer journeys that bridge the information gap between medical teams and their users.

Our creative and marketing expertise is renowned within the industry and our team members have been nominated for numerous awards for their forward-thinking approach. If you are ready to join the digital revolution, get in touch.


Our services

  • End-to-End Healthcare Content Strategy
  • Promomats & Vault Management
  • Copywriting & Content Editing
  • Platform Support & Management
  • Compliant E-Learning Modules
  • Smart Healthcare Insights
  • Healthcare App Development

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