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The problem

Healthcare businesses commit resources to produce online training materials in a process that involves creative agencies, development agencies and SEO agencies together with Brand Managers and IT departments. Inevitably, the involvement of multiple stakeholders and partners leads to potential compliance risks and delayed time to market. Automation is a solution that could allow life science organisations to distribute the same data multiple times, edited each time to suit the preferences and compliance needs of the target audience. However, there are currently no automation tools on the market that offer life science businesses the ability to create and deploy materials in a way that aligns with their brand, wider directives and industry regulations.


Some more ambitious agencies have attempted to create products which allow life science organisations to generate a web application via some type of proprietary software or framework. While these products are capable of performing most of the required functions in terms of visual output, the code-base generated is not Open Source. As the code cannot be certified as secure, existing attempts at providing this resource fall significantly short of industry IT requirements.

We consider ourselves as digital provocateurs. We see the solutions, and ask the question: how can we make this better?

The action

After extensive research and encountering many of the same challenges faced by other industry experts, we concluded that the only way to move forwards would be to be bold and create the tool ourselves.


Working in collaboration with our existing healthcare clients, we identified the primary business goals that would make this venture a success.

The tool would have to:

  • Give end-to-end content authoring capabilities
  • Generate an output that would be completely open to inspection and not fall foul of IT governance
  • Enable a Marketer to create a web app without the need of a creative agency, development or SEO agency
  • Capture data in a standardised way and link to the incumbent data suites

With its robust underlying infrastructure and data model, it was an easy choice to pick Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the heavy lifting, and after many nights analysing UX concepts and technical specs (whilst reaching platinum status on Deliveroo), E-Create was born.

Following the initial research and creation phase, we were left with a robust prototype that delivered on the healthcare industry’s needs without compromising compliance. With its stunning combination of compliant code output, elegant User Interface and data capture via Adobe, E-Create is unlike anything else out there right now.

Testing and reiterating

We always apply a cyclical approach to projects, especially where new innovations are concerned. Following testing and conversations with numerous potential users, we identified further areas where we could improve the capabilities of E-Create to offer an online platform that is stronger, more secure and easier to use than any other. Next phase moderations included:

  • Ensuring that the infrastructure is based entirely within the UK, to future proof the platform.
  • Adding a live feed to enable live training events and lessons for organisations, and to allow reps to present to HCPs virtually.

By adding these features, we have been left with a digital platform that will serve a range of industries whilst adhering to even the most stringent compliance and safeguarding standards.

What started as an online platform designed to meet the needs of the life sciences industry is becoming a gold standard for the future. We are delighted to have created something that is set to disrupt digital training and communications across industries.

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